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The launch of Carnival Cruise Line is a classic tale of the American Dream. Started by Ted Arison, the company began operation in 1972 with a vision, a single secondhand ship and just enough fuel to make a one-way trip from Miami to San Juan. Carnival was founded on the principle that everyone deserves the right to a great vacation. For over 45 years and 80 million guests, our mission has been to make fun, memorable vacations accessible to all. Each time a guest sails with us, Carnival creates an environment where guests can be the truest and most fun versions of themselves.


“I live for great times with my family. Making sure there is lots for everyone to do during the day, and the chance to come together and share a laugh later is the most important thing for me. After all, if those I love are happy, then I will be happy, too!”

“Vacations are for cutting loose and enjoying myself! I want to find the perfect combination of fun activities and a thriving social scene. Whether it’s with family and friends, or a new crowd I meet on board, I just want to have fun!”

Our guests are optimistic, social, curious, and exhibit a “take me as I am” confidence. They are life’s “yes people” filled with a love of fun and laughter.

Above all, they believe that fun is a choice.


Kid Pleasers value family time over anything else. They view raising a family as more important than having a career, so spending time together is invaluable to them. Family friendly activities are top of mind for them so they look for activities like going to theme parks, the zoo, and the aquarium among other attractions as ways to spend quality time together while still having fun.

Technology at times brings the family together and allows them to bond. Kid Pleasers look to TV, the Internet, and their devices as ways to occupy time while still spending and enjoying time as a family.

For them, family is their heart and soul and they are constantly looking for ways to spend more time together.

Romantic Getaway's

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